A humble dedication to master Kummar Chatterjee by his beloved disciples


Kummar Chatterjee, the Singer par Excellence. He blends mastery in music and unflinching devotion to the almighty, projecting a picture of an immensely likable attitude and a calmness that overwhelms his personality.

When he sings nature swings.

Over the last two decades, he has mastered a unique style of rendering Bhajans in Hindi, Gujrati and Bengali and Ghazals in Urdu.

He was born in Bengali family. At the age of 7, he started learning music from Amiya Chattopadhyay, a well known classical exponent from Kolkata. He obtained Masters Degree in Music, M.Mus. from Allahabad Prayag Sangeet Samiti.

He has been titled Sangeet Pravin.

He also achived Sangeet Nipun and also received ‘Tabla Prabhaka’ title from Allahbad Prayag Sangeet Samiti. He has learnt Kathak Dance for six years.

Besides his mastery in music he has unflinching devotion to the almighty, projecting a picture of immensely likeable attitude and calmness that overwhelms his personality. Over the last two decades he has mastered a unique style of Bhajans (Praises of almighty by his devotees) in various Indian Languages. He has numerous albums to his credit. Kumar Chatterjee has mesmerized his audience across India, Middle East, Hong Kong, Europe and U.S. He has magical spell on the audience wherever he performs. Language is no barrier for a masterful performance.


• Masters Degree in Music,

• Trained in Kathak

• Dance for six years

• Numerous Musical Titles bestowed on him by various institutes:

• Sangeet Pravin

• Sangeet Nipun

• Tabla Prabhakar

Explanation of Bhajans and Ghazals:

Indian music is replete with a variety of Bhajans that invoke the divine and make you forget the mundane. Traditionally sung in temples and religious gatherings, Indian Bhajans have captivated the devotees for time immemorial.

Indian Bhajans (Devotional Songs) please the senses and elevate the soul. A bhajan is a musical rendering of a composition in praise of the Almighty – set to a tune that is at once melodious and memorable. Each region in India is famous for its own style of music – each style is a blend of intense devotion, voice modulation and unwavering discipline.

Meera, Kabir, Surdas and a lot of devotees had reached the pinnacle of divinity through their soul stirring bhajans, dohas and chaupayis. These timeless songs of great composers continue to invoke devotion and joy.

Ghazals are couplets with extraordinary variety of expression around its central theme of love. Some Ghazal couplets are exclusively about Divine love, others are about metaphorical love, but most of them can be interpreted in either context. Viewed in a spiritual context, Ghazals are addressed to the Almighty – a metaphor for the beloved.

Mirza Ghalib is regarded as the grand master of Ghazals. His lyrics are timeless in their content and expression. Ghazals are enjoyed by music lovers around the world.