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When two rivers merge its called sangam. But the confluence of three rivers is called Prayaag. Music is confluence of three rivers Sur,Laya n Taal. (Melody, tempo, Rythm ) Metaphysically Ida means left(ईड़ा)Pingla(पिंगला ) right and Sushamna(सुषमणा) are the three divine rivers, whose confluence effects the existence of the living beings.

In the same way Mantra is the power of consonants n vowels, enhanced exponentially, when power of vowels is added to it.

The arrangement of such vowels n consonants in specific manner is a Mantra. Mantra effects conscious, subconscious, superconscious mind. When power of Music is merged with the power of Mantra, the effects multiplied unimaginable. Music & Mantra heals the Body n stimulates the Brain. How it's helps to rejuvenate the mind n body.

One case says that A serotonin deficiency can cause depression and mood disorders. Serotonin is a chemical naturally found in the body that carries signals between nerves. It produced in the brain and intestines. Listening to upbeat (An unaccented beat or beats that occur before the first beat of a measure. Also called anacrusis, in short upbeat means cheerful n lively music)is helpful to release the serotonin.

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Navkar - Raag - Mishra Mand :
For Stress Release, To Experience The Result Close Your Both The Eyes, Be in Sitting Posture, Feel The LORD Within Your Self.

Navkar - Raag - Combination Ahir Bhairav & Bairagi :
It’s Very Helpful To Get Rid of Severe Sepression.

Navkar - Raag - Gorakh Kalyan :
Very Helpful to Heart Disease & Reduce Blood Pressure

Navkar - Raag - Mishra Gavti :
Very Supportive to Progressive Disease Like Parkinsson. Patient Must Take Support of Wall or Chairs & Then Tap Your Both The Feet with This Beat, If Comfortable Then Standing Position or If Not Then Sitting Position.

Navkar - Raag - Ramdasi Malhar :
Very Much Helpful for Asthma andLung Disease.

Navkar - Raag - Sindha Bhairavi :
It’s Very Much Helpful to Patient Like Short Term Memory & Alzeimer.

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